I am a multimedia artist based in Newcastle, working primarily in digital media, oil paint and sound. In the gallery space I make installations which are multi-sensory, such as my 2019 piece "Manstaining," which involved film, sculpture, text and painting, paired with a soundtrack I created myself, or my Audio-Visual installation “Follow-Through,” which was part of the show Terra Nexus at Proposition Studios. In this installation, the audience played a part in damaging the soundscape of birdsong, leaves rustling and synthetic water, momentarily silencing it with their footsteps, encouraging the alert viewer to tread lightly to preserve the sound piece.

Other work deals with the monster as a agent who lies between the human and the other, most notably between the human and animal (as in much folklore worldwide) and between the human and technology (as in the cyborgs).
The concepts of my work are like my media, diverse but always strongly connected, a rubbing up together of technology and muck, folklore and cybernetics, steely synthesis, and analogue noise. In my imagery I evoke the lush patterns of the Baroque and Medieval geometric patterns alongside the organic forms and grit of monsters and animals, digitally degraded in my iPad work and scraped and overworked in my oil painting. Much of the time my work deals with interiors, as I attempt to create “thick air” in these fabricated spaces. Sound is an integral part of my work process, and increasingly central to my practice. I work with a modular synthesiser, as it seems like the most organic way to generate music in collaboration with technology, being generative and system based it mirrors the functions found within nature.