In June 2019, I exhibited as part of the Newcastle Degree Show. For the past year, I have worked on uniting the disparate elements of my practice. This has led to my installation Manstaining, a multimedia union of painting, text, film, and sound, through installation.

The film explores the porous threshold of the human body, focused on a lonely man as he pulls at his skin surrounded by an excess of tissues, among other deviant actions in strange yet familiar nostalgic spaces. The film is both a deadly serious and ridiculous exploration of masculinity, depression and abjection.


Viewers could take a "tissue" from the blue box installed on a dog-like table seemingly approaching from the corner of the space. A series of text pieces was lasercut onto each "tissue" in the box. These pieces of writing explore a porous body, that body's effect on the mind, and the strange and dangerous domestic space this body inhabits and extends into.